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Preschool Classes
Our toddler and preschool education programs are delivered by qualified early childhood tutors who work closely with parents to develop each child’s learning potential and support their continunal understanding of the world. Influenced by the child’s stage of development, these highly interactive classes present challenging experiences and opportunities to explore, manipulate, and problem-solve.

Starting School ( 4.5 - 5 year olds)

Primary Classes - English & Maths
Developmental Psychologist and Education Professor Howard Gardner, created the Multiple Intelligences Theory whose principles state that we each have the capacity to learn if we are taught in a way that matches our unique mind. At Ability 2 Learn, we are inspired by Gardner’s theory which supports diversity and celebrates children’s’ various strengths and talents.
Our K-6 education programs are delivered by qualified primary tutors who explicitly teach and guide learning in our small group classes. Resembling mini classrooms, students are given the opportunity to learn concepts several times through direct involvement in activities and working in collaboration with their peers as they explain and clarify cognitive processes.

Primary English ( K-6 )

Primary Mathematics ( K-6 )

Private Tutoring ( K-6 )

Home Schooling English ( K-6 )

Home Schooling Mathematics ( K-6 )

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Our Approach
High Quality Learning Programs
Ability 2 Learn offers innovative educational programs and private tuition for preschool children who are starting Kindergarten next year.
Collaboration with Children and Parents
Working within a small group or one-on-one environment, our care and connect approach enables us to work collaboratively with children and parents to build long-lasting relationships that foster consistent growth.
Brain-based Learning
Our teaching practices are grounded intensely on evoking mental processes; a concept we refer to as ‘brain-based’ learning where we focus on how each child uses their brain to learn and think.
Qualified Educators
All educators are qualified Primary teachers.