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2.5 – 3.5 Year Olds

The ‘Ability 2 Teach’ program recognises parents as their children’s first and most significant educators and we aim to enrich this connection. This class nurtures toddlers’ sense of wonder and encourages them to persevere with challenging tasks.

Cognitive Skills: Through direct sensory exploration, children will build, extend and investigate an array of objects. Tutors will guide their thinking enabling them to explore what objects do, how they work, their similarities and differences, matching and sorting, and understanding ‘what if’ scenarios.

Physical and Motor Skills: Children are encouraged to develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and strength through a wide range of diverse activities and movements.

Language and Communication Skills: Children engage in various talking and listening tasks, including singing and imitating actions to develop fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation skills. They will also develop an understanding of the importance of both verbal and nonverbal communications.

Social and Emotional Skills: Involvement with similar-aged children provides a safe platform for toddlers to interact, observe and imitate. With opportunities to socialise, they practise taking turns and develop strategies to deal with challenging tasks such as waiting, children can link their feelings to words and expressions helping them to recognise what they mean and learn how to manage them.

Conditions: Attendance of at least one parent required

  • Years Old 2.5 - 3.5 Years
  • Class Size 8
  • Class Duration 30 minutes
$15 per session
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