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For children starting school in 2020

This school readiness class is intense and consists of explicit and guided instruction to prepare children starting school next year to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to start Kindergarten in 2020.

Literacy: Children will be challenged to make connections between spoken words and written words; syllables, blending, segmenting, identifying and isolating single sounds (phonics). They will learn to read sight words and short repetitive texts and will practise handwriting lowercase letters as well as common and interest words.

Numeracy: Children will explore mathematical problems where they count, order, read and write numbers. Children will develop skills in addition, subtraction, simple fractions, various patterns and using informal units of measurement.

Conditions: Parents are not required to attend, however must remain on the premises during class time.

  • Years Old 4.5 - 5 Years
  • Class Size 8
  • Class Duration 45 minutes
$20 per session
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