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3.5 – 5 Year Olds

The ‘Ability 2 Concentrate’ program fosters each child’s spirit of independence while also developing children’s stamina and encouraging school readiness. Classes provide a strong focus on early literacy and numeracy.

Cognitive Skills: Children will be challenged to solve problems, find patterns, ask questions, discover and explain how things work, and also contribute ideas to learning.

Physical and Motor Skills: Children will further develop and improve coordination and control of their fine motor skills by using scissors, drawing closed shapes and utilising materials, such as pencils and paintbrushes to colour in. They will also be encouraged to sit still for short periods in preparation of school expectations.

Language and Communication Skills: Children at this age generally enjoy talking. We help preschoolers to learn the importance of not interrupting, how to listen and follow simple instructions, as well as communicate their needs.* We will also focus on following more irregular language rules and help children work towards more difficult single and digraph sounds, such as, ‘r’ and ‘th’.

Social and Emotional Skills: The children will be quite aware of their own feelings and those of others in this stage of development. Understanding how to read facial expressions, body language, and voice tone increases their understanding of positive interactions and how to appropriately express their emotions to others.

Conditions: Parents are not required to attend, however must remain on the premises during class time.

  • Years Old 3.5 - 5 Years
  • Class Size 8
  • Class Duration 45 minutes
$25 per session
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