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The study of English enables us to communicate, understand, and build relationships with others. Our English classes improve skill development in speaking and listening, reading and comprehension, viewing and writing as outlined below:

Kindergarten: Alphabet sounds and phonics, reading and sight words, handwriting, speaking, and listening.

Years 1-2: Sound-letter knowledge, reading, sight words and comprehension, punctuation cues, handwriting, speaking and listening, creating texts, and spelling.

Years 3-4: Reading and comprehension, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, handwriting, speaking and listening, creating a range of texts, and spelling.

Years 5-6: Reading and comprehension, handwriting, speaking and listening, creating detailed texts using accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

  • Years Old Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Class Size 8
  • Class Duration 40 minutes
$35 per session
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