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The study of English is compulsory for all Australian students K-12. It enables us to communicate, understand, and build relationships with others. Our English classes improve skill development in speaking and listening, reading and comprehension, viewing and writing as outlined below:

Kindergarten: Alphabet sounds and phonics, reading and sight words, handwriting, speaking, and listening.

Years 1-2: Sound-letter knowledge, reading, sight words and comprehension, punctuation cues, handwriting, speaking and listening, creating texts, and spelling.

Years 3-4: Reading and comprehension, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, handwriting, speaking and listening, creating a range of texts, and spelling.

Years 5-6: Reading and comprehension, handwriting, speaking and listening, creating detailed texts using accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

  • Years Old Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Class Size 8
  • Class Duration 40 minutes
$30 per session
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